When did you last change your filter?

Most people don't know.

FilterFresh is your answer!

List your filters in the app — HVAC, water, humidifier, what have you — including when they were installed and how long they should last, and FilterFresh will remind you in advance when maintenance is due.

Does your equipment require a hard-to-find replacement filter? No problem! Use FilterFresh to locate and purchase a replacement filter, delivered direct to your door.*

We've taken the hassle out of filter maintenance!


*Not available in all geographies.



Personal Lights & Siren

Need to clear a room?

Need to make your way through a crowd?

Want to have some fun at parties?

Then what could be better than your own personal lights and siren?

With OuttaMyWay! you have all that you need to part a sea of people so you can get by.

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Math fact practice & quizzing anywhere

Flashcards! is an educational tool for learning math facts. The app provides an unending stream of math problems for a continuous challenge.

Select the operations you want to work on by tapping one or more of the buttons to the left of the flash card. Change your selections at any time for more or less variety.

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How many words can you find? WordHawk is a new take on a classic word search game. And simple enough for anyone to enjoy.

Tap adjacent letters to form words. When the word is green, you know the word exists in the included 220,000 word dictionary. Tap the checkmark to score! Earn bonus points for longer words. Words already found appear in orange, and words not in the dictionary appear in red.

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